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In Science in Focus, we use animation to bring to life important science topics in the news. This section will be updated periodically, so please be sure to visit us again soon.

  Plasmodium and Malaria
Globally, more than a million people die from malaria each year. The parasite that causes malaria, Plasmodium, requires both mosquitoes and humans to complete its life cycle. Go to presentation...
  Human Embryonic Stem Cells
Because of their potential to differentiate into any cell type and to divide in culture without limit, human embryonic stem cells hold great promise as a potential source of cells to replenish those that have been damaged by disease. Go to presentation...
  Gene Therapy
A few years ago, clinical trials were begun in the hope of curing children with a rare type of genetic immune deficiency called SCID-X1. Go to presentation...
  Bacteria in Peptic Ulcer Disease
The bacterium Helicobacter pylori, rather than stress, causes most cases of peptic ulcers. Go to presentation...
  The Rise in Antibiotic Resistance
As fast as we design new antibiotics against bacteria, resistant bacteria begin to evolve. Go to presentation...
Pasture animals, such as cows and sheep, are the most common victims of the anthrax bacterium. However, if a human contracts anthrax, the consequences are just as deadly. Go to presentation...